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The war is over…

Last week I was in Sarajevo and visited an exhibition opening in gallery Duplex 100m2. The exhibition was great, but I caught this corner in a side room, a painting and poster showing Radenko Milak‘s work, and another wall object. It says: “The war is over! Let’s go to Venice.” Somewhat blurry images, which made my thoughts sharp.

Well, is it? And if yes, what war? As Venice Biennale is indeed celebrating world’s differences and joint life ahead (its slogan being “All the world’s future”), I can’t help thinking about all wars that are currently taking place, world’s past and the future that seems more complicated and blurry as never.


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High-quality stars

Thomas Ruff is one of the most representative contemporary German photographers. When studying at Düsseldorf Art Academy, he was strongly influenced by  Bernd and Hilla Becher, whose works I wrote about earlier. What fascinates me particularly about Ruff is the variety in his opus, flexibility in choice of topics and media as well as versatility in portraying those topic. In that way, you find in his works everything from Portraits, very plastic depiction of houses (Häuser), astronomic and scientific images of stars (Sterne, Zycles, cassini, ma.r.s), where Ruff collaborated even with Nasa and was inspired by electromagnetism, to Nudes. When it comes to media, Ruff experimented with pixelisation (jpeg) but also with collages and posters, juxtaposing two images to create one portrait, stereo photography as well as night photography using the spy equipment.

Thomas Ruff could be seen earlier in Venice Biennale, Documenta in Kassel and MoMa, just to name few. Currently his exhibition is shown in Haus der Kunst in Munich and here I am showing only a little preview of it.

Thomas Ruff, Sterne (1989)


With Okwui Enwezor passing by

 Exhibition can be seen until May 20, 2012.

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