I believe that beautiful things around us make us feel more loving, peaceful and open-minded to the new. True beauty is not kitsch but this inner feeling; once I found beauty and serenity in a thin plastic bag that the wind was taking into nights or when listening beautiful language in an anthological movie… Their interpretation is art of today and to notice it and accept it – is the most noble sentiment.

I would like to highlight these artistic expressions. My goal is not to create a ‘world peace’ but a more egoistic one: to make you experience this noble sentiment. I hope that I succeed some times in it and your feedback is very much appreciated.

P.S. The photos in the blog are correctly referenced to web sites where I found them. If there is no reference, then they were taken by me.

The photo in header was also taken by me sometime in summer 2005. It shows the dome in tekija, an old house on River Buna in Herzegovinian town Blagaj.

3 responses to “About

  1. Našla sam se ovdje preko MZT, negdje je Nina nešto komentarisala , pa sam iz radoznalosti kliknula na profil…Blog ti je odličan ,toliko sam oduševljena da sam htjela saznati nešto o tebi i evo me ovdje…čitam…i klikam na link ” a good friend of mine” , ostajem paf kad vidim dva zajednička prijatelja a još vise kad me ime i prezime tvoje prijateljice vrate u prijeratno doba…..jeli to sudbonosno klikanje….
    Pozz do sledećeg čitanja!!!

  2. lrntn

    Love your first sentence describing you! It just encapsulates everything in a few short words. Not sure if I’m supposed to say this here…but if you do “go” to BsAs, I’m sure it’ll be a fantastic experience! Best wishes

  3. Hello,

    On behalf of LIVEFORARTS, I would like to invite you to explore the place where we promote creative people worldwide, helping them to sell art items, share ideas, meet artists in the same field of activity. We do not charge commissions, percentages of sales or contributions of any nature.
    Thank you.


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