La Biennale di Venezia (part I)

Yes, Biennale in Venice was a wish of mine for some time already and this time everything spontaneously worked out. (With a huge help of my sister, who not only offered me a pit stop at her place in Milan, but also her company to pilger Venice.) The idea was: I come to Milan, we fool around for a day and relax, and next day get somehow to Venice… excellent plan, what else to say 😉

I would say that this beautiful trip to Biennale started for us long before Venice – in Frecciabianca line of Italian railways, which was very comfortable and relaxing. This was very important, since Venice, being always hectic as it is as well as hot, steamy, full of tourists and tourist traps, is not really my favourite city. That is why this time immediately from the train station looked – just amazing! This time it happened that we were there on the day of Regata Storica di Venezia, so on our way to Biennale, we could here and there catch a sight of gondolas, balotinas and mascaretas and cheer or admire the participants.

But now – back to the main story. Venice Biennale is happening now for its 54th time now and more about its history may be found elsewhere. Based on what I have heard earlier about it, you would need 4-5 days to see all exhibition places in details and to truly enjoy the whole atmosphere and now I could agree on that. Biennale takes place, as usual, in Giardini (with its ‘Padiglione Centrale’, Central Pavillion) and Arsenale, but you can also find numerous events and other Biennale locations outside these main ones, as we also did on our way to Giardini and Arsenale. In fact, it took as quite some time to reach the main locations, as the other ones were equally interesting. This time we had to prioritize and we went for Giardini + some sights in the city + a glimpse of Italian pavilion in Artiglierie. (Arsenal was unfortunately left out, although we were very much interested to see pavilions of UAE, India, James Turell aaaaa etc.)


Biennale in Giardini, Josh Smith drawings at the entry


For you to get a glimpse of Biennale through our eyes, here are some impressions:

Ho Tzu Nyen, "The Cloud of Unknowing", SG

 After a movie about 8 persons and cloud topic present in those scenes and reflecting on some classical pieces, the cloud is also present in the rooms as well and coming out from the wall. ?!


Corban Walker, "Please Adjust", IR


‘Padiglione Centrale’ in Giardini:

Maurizio Cattelan, "Others"

This work was a surprise for organisers, as it was previously created in 1997 with 200 stuffed pigeons and fake pigeon shit on the floor. This year, there are even more pigeons, symbolizing (?) more visitors maybe, which are spread through the halls.


Karl Holmqvist

Poetry on the wall


Amelia Pica, "Venn Diagram"

For all of you, mathematics fans, this may come familiar. The artist indeed uses this model and reflects it on dictatorship in Argentina, when this was forbidden to be tought in school, but also on cultural intimacy and blurring of facts and fiction.


Cindy Sherman, "Untitled"


Gabriel Kuri

(to be continued)

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