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Not only for shopping… or – when in Japan…

Recently in Tokyo, I saw beatifully decorated inside windows by various designers. This one caught my attention: for intricate miniature jewelery pieces, for reference to Japanese sakura, for reminding on digital world that we are operating in with a – sharp yet poetic – video…



…and where clothes are flying



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Salone del Mobile or “Two Alices in the Wonderland”, Part II

I had a chance to visit this time Salone del Mobile in Milan, one of the most prestigious design furniture fairs in the world, together with its accompanying content outside the fair premises. That included visiting the city center, Brera and other areas within FuoriSalone, fair program that is being shown for many times in the row now outside of the regular fair content. Second day was reserved for the furniture fair itself.

The day after we went to official fair areas, which was expectedly overwhelming. As we were not looking for anything in particular, we hit first SaloneSatelite and in  the end of the day, that remained our favorite spot. Satellites are those relatively smaller boots, mostly arranged by less established younger designers, such as Zeljka Kavran or design schools, such as New York Institute of Technology or American University of Sharjah, just to name few. This area was boosting of freshness and new vibes – it is not to say that others were not, but we found this one more to be more innovative and dynamic.

I hope you liked Salone del Mobile 2012!

(Please note that I have marked the design objects to the best of my knowledge. If there are any objections, please do not hesitate to contact me directly. I can remove the picture from this blog right away.)

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La Biennale di Venezia (Part II)

 After we finally managed to leave Central Pavilion, we moved to pavilions of certain countries. Here are some favourites:

Andreas Eriksson, "Windows, Trees and Inbetween", Nordic Countries: Sweden, Norway, Finland

The place is showing the casts of birds, which were killed when crushed into the mirror outside of artists place. The paintings on the wall resemble the views from the windows and white panels on the surface are model of the artist’s apartment. Therefore, this place represents both the exhibition of the art as well as the place where it has been made.

Francisco Bassim, "Gran enterior", Venezuela


Yoshi, “Solaris”, Venezuela

Angel Vergara, "Feuilleton", Belgium

As you know, every great artist has its flaws and our flaw was 🙂 – that we did not take care about our camera battery and it got empty (and the pic below is our last one; it is miracle that this one could be made as well). On the positive side, we were relieved, because there was so much others to be seen and immersed. Our other favourite ones were Israel, Korea… For more pictures, I strongly recommend to see this blog, which shows even more works and more details on them.

Tabaimo, "teleco-soup", Japan

Last but not least, another event was taking place in Venice on this day – 68th Venice Film Festival. Although we were aware about it, it could be hardly noticed in the city that Hollywood celebrities are just on the next Lido. However, an accidental bump into Owen Wilson reminded us on that…

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