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Not only for shopping… or – when in Japan…

Recently in Tokyo, I saw beatifully decorated inside windows by various designers. This one caught my attention: for intricate miniature jewelery pieces, for reference to Japanese sakura, for reminding on digital world that we are operating in with a – sharp yet poetic – video…



…and where clothes are flying



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Highlights of the Highlights

International art fair “Highlights” in Munich is klein aber fein. It is also very young: established only in 2009 as a joint initiative from several galleries, it still managed to position itself as an important meeting point for true experts in fine and contemporary art. Here one can find icons, ancient Japanese art, contemporary drawings, baroque furniture as well as fine calligraphy from high-end galleries in the region.

I am presenting you my highlights of this year’s Highlights.

Russian malachit vases, Czar workshops in St. Petersburg or Ekaterinenburg, around 1820

Emil Nolde: “Blumen”, around 1930-1935

Ogawa Machiko: “White Vessel with Blue Glass Glaze”, 2009

Corall diamond collier, France, around 1870

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Salone del Mobile or “Two Alices in the Wonderland”, Part I

I had a chance to visit this time Salone del Mobile in Milan, one of the most prestigious design furniture fairs in the world, together with its accompanying content outside the fair premises. That included visiting the city center, Brera and other areas within FuoriSalone, fair program that is being shown for many times in the row now outside of the regular fair content. My personal highlight was Tortona Design Week in Zona Tortona.

 Zona Tortona is a rather non-conventional area, which is normally populated by young people with artistic inclinations. During the time of Fiera, it transforms into an open-air art fair, with a huge mass of people checking out the design spaces and art boutiques hiding in Zona Tortona streets. We* absolutely loved the atmosphere here and enjoyed the sun, crowd and also beautiful sights and innovative design ideas!

What we have seen there was a variety of funky design commercial products, such as senz°/the orignial storm umbrella or the o bag, which I will try to cover in some next posts. There were a lot of events in Via Tortona and Via Savona as well, but what we like the most were huge pavilions and halls, all with different themes but all equally interesting. Again, it is very difficult to make a right selection but here is some preview.

– to be continued –

* by ‘we’ I mean, my host / guide / artistic advisor & my lil sis (Please note that I have marked the design objects to the best of my knowledge. If there are any objections, please do not hesitate to contact me directly. I can remove the picture from this blog right away.)

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When your lap gets hot

Hihihi … I couldn’t stop laughing and smiling today: I’ve got a present this morning! In fact, I got it several days ago but only today I went to post office to take over my ‘delivery’ and I had absolutely no idea what it could be. It turned out to be this:

You might be asking yourself, ‘what is that ?!’. Well, you know probably how inconvenient it is in summer to surf with laptop in your lap. After some time it gets really hot. Now this laptop pillow allows air to circulate and the material in between takes care of proper isolation.

However, how I got it is a funny story. I have participated several months ago in a lucky draw organized by a magazine “Schweden Aktuell” and scandinavian lifestyle. I am not sure that I knew what the prize is; I was more in the mood to  drool over my favorite Scandinavian design that I have at home. And, today – voila! Scandinavian lifestyle, a store that specializes in Scandinavian brands for home decorations, such as Kosta Boda, Royal Copenhagen, Marimekko, just to name few, sent me this cute present. It could not be a better day to start of my week.

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Piece of art and architecture

Emile / with gold rose hardware

by Alexander Wang

Hit me


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Good Deals and Stories to Tell

Yes, I am really big on outlet shopping. By that I do not mean those huge outlet ‘villages’ outside cities (which I am scared of), but more like ‘secret tips’ in the middle of the city, which can be easily mistaken for a workshop or a storage place. In order for you to discover them- well, for that one  you must have (my) ‘secret talent’ … and years of experience, I guess. But I cannot keep it for myself anymore, so here you go, folks, my favourite spots:

  • POOL Outlet, Munich
    Don’t mistake this one for the main POOL store in posh Maximilianstrasse in Munich. Here I’ve already got several cool pieces, I guess the most special to me were Martin Margiela boots, which I was eyeing for months in the main store. They have also DSQUARED2, Balmain, Alexander McQueen (and many more) and very good deals for these brands. They have hip clothes for guys there too!
    Kreuzstr. 14, 80331 München

    Source: lieblingsladen.com

  • 10 Corso Como, Milan
    The main store you can also easily miss in Milan: as the name says, it is places in Como  Street 10, but you go around the wall covered with plants and it is a little piece of heaven: a great (expensive!) restaurant and (expensive!) cafe with a great (expensive!) boutique behind. Its spinoff in Via Tazzoli is everything but that experience: my sister, who lives in Milan, first asked me ‘how on earth you found it’. Like, you leave Corso Como, and then you run across a crossroad and then you circle a deserted business building and then you cross some highway (or go underneath) and then you are in an old neighborhood with no people there and then you make some random turns – et voila! Next thing you know – you are flipping though Pradas and Pierre Hardys of this world. To make long story short: I got there Jill Sander winter pants for 10 (ten!) € … yes, you’ve read it right!
    Via Tazzoli 3, Milano

    Source: freshmess.com

  • Acne Archive, Stockholm
    I have discovered this store only last time when I was in Stockholm. I haven’t bought anything there yet, but I think that this is definitely a must for any future visit there. It offers the pieces from the previous collection for approx. 50% and both guys and girls can find something for themselves there.
    Torsgatan 53, Stockholm

    Source: myperfectguide.se

  •  Comme des Garcons, Paris
    I haven’t figured out if the store is really an outlet, as I haven’t been there yet, but ever since I have seen the exhibition in Haus der Kunst on Japanese fashion, I am keeping a mental note on this one. I have ‘discovered’ it in this blog and, outside of virtual world, I haven’t visited it yet. However, I am including it here, as I am definitely planning to pilger the place next time when I (if I) visit Paris.
    54 rue Faubourg Saint-Honoré, 75008 Paris

    Source: hauteworld.blogspot.com

Other good deals that are worth mentioning:

  • Mytheresa having a (exclusive) clearance sale in (exclusive) hotel Bayerischer Hof in Munich: I think that it is enough to say that celebrities like Lothar Matthäus und his-wife-at-a-time Liliana were shopping there. So exclusive it was! (those who lived in Germany in last several years would get the joke)
  • My favourite boutique Serie A (now Schwittenberg in the same premises, but similar concept) having a great sale in an art gallery in Glockenbachviertel.
  • Once upon the time there was Tangs department store at upscale mall Starhill in Kuala Lumpur. Well, in the weeks of its closing *i*was*there* (students days = plenty of time)
  • Sample sales all over New York City… (you see just people queued up outside the store and you know that you found the place)

Message is: open your eyes when you are in the city, read all posters and messages and post-its… cos – you never know… The thing is, there is always a great ‘story behind’ that you can tell and brag about to other people. That’s another plus point.

(However, if you like to shop ‘regular way’ then just skip this post and ignore me alltogether.)

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Current exhibitions in Munich

These ones I loved:

1. Mondrian und De Stijl in Kunstbau

You get acquainted with the movement and see some of the best examples, not only paintings but also films, furniture, product design, posters as well as photographs. Here is a classic:


2. Future Beauty: 30 Years of Japanese Fashion in Haus der Kunst

Weather we talk about shades and black-and-white, origami influence, emancipation of woman in post-modern Japan or experimenting with material, the exhibition is a true eye opener and the trigger that would inspire you to own and copy some of it. A preview (Yohji Yamamoto):

3. Aschemünder, Goetz Collection, in Haus der Kunst

I cannot decide what is more special about this exhibition. Is it the place for the exhibition: small underground chamber-like rooms of a former air-raid shelter, where the films are being shown, or the exhibition itself? The main topic is war and it shows its manifestations through dictatorships, genocides, drug crimes etc from Latin America to Africa, South-East Asia to Europe. Needless to say, it got me thinking about my memories 1992-1995.

These ones I found ‘ok’:

1. Cy Twombly Photographs 1951 – 2010 in Museum Brandhorst

… or even less then ‘ok’. I love Cy Twomby, but in this collection I do not see any extraordinary works. First I thought, ‘cool! these blurry photos, which nowadays everyone is doing, have been done in 50’s!’ but then I would see 2009 in the corner. Or I am just being too much amateur.  

Therefore, I would rather point to his (in my opinion) masterpiece works:

… or to be a bit subjective and local patriot (this piece cannot be seen at Brandhorst Museum in Munich though):

2. Isaac Julien “Ten Thousand Waves” in Museum Brandhorst

In this video I liked the spacial composition of 9 different projections as well as their temporal composition. This timing is very interesting and it got me thinking how all these different perspectives bring you back to the Asian topic of the film. (and here I am ‘patriotic’ as well since I am not always objective when it comes to Asia)

The one I want to see:

1. Vermeer in Munich. King Max I Joseph of Bavaria as a Collector of Old Masters, in Alte Pinakotheke

This is a classic and I am being here mainstream, as Vermeer is known nowadays anyone who is following Hollywood productions. I am just curious to see if the exhibitions shows this one painting and all about it (as once I have visited and seen in Albertina in Wien) or we can see more of Vermeer.

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