Contemporary art at home & things to keep in mind

No, I am not lazy but somehow I cannot not to share these posts with you. I find this one very inspiring and also informative.

I like the tips on how to buy art and which steps you need to undergo (I really don’t like people buying art just to have some ‘piece of art’ at home… in my view, it doesn’t really matter how expensive/cheap it is, as long as it makes you feel happy/balanced/at peace … every time you see it.) Then it gives you some practical tips on e.g. framing, arranging and organizing your furniture around it but also, links to stores as well as cool pics to get ideas from.

(I might also add here Lumas, which you find both online and around the world. Some may find it too commercial, I find it rather good if you don’t want to spend fortune on good photographs. Btw with this one I fell in love few years ago and it makes me indeed feel good and calm every time I look at it.)

Julia Christe, 'White Sands #1', source:


P.S. I have just realized that I have swerved with my topic in the end in another direction. My apologies for that – but let it be this way tonight; me being spontaneous.

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