John Smith

The other day I was in dilemma where to go – I made a choice and it was definitely the right one. I’ve been in a lecture / film screening of John Smith organized by Academy for Fine Arts (Akademie der bildenden Künste) in Munich. The john-smith-name may sound as common as possible, but this evening was it not. Not only that I had chance to see several of highly intriguing, intelligently made  stimulating films, with a slight dose of British humor, it was also  a very *friendly* talk, as with a good friend. You know those people who are always smiling when they are talking? (I am definitely not one of those and, I am afraid, artists are not famous for it either.) John Smith was one of those best persons and, as much as he can enrich you with his artistic expression, he can also inspire you with his personality.

Now about films: we’ve seen “The Girl Chewing Gum”, “The Black Tower”, “Worst Case Scenario”, “unusual Red cardigan”, just to name few. All of them fascinated me through its commonness and portrayals of every day life, but still surprising with unexpected constellations. Whether it is looking at an object from a different angle and seeing a completely different story or superimposing people to happen to be ‘at the same time at the same place’ and creating a ‘catastrophe’ through it, or even reducing the events only to sound and creating a completely different (dramatic?) inner encounter – John Smith is make you think about those banalities and question yourself how banal (or not?) those are in the end. Like with the black tower: where is this mystery tower and how come no one notices it? Moreover, many events and aspects might confuse you and make an impression of being ‘too much’ – but they are nothing but what is really out there, what we really do go through (consciously or not)  and what does remain, in one way or another, in our psyche.

Feel free to discover the rest on your own. For a little preview, just for you, I am appending “The Black Tower” here:

This one of the artists that are part of the exhibition “Image Counter Image” (“Bild gegen Bild”) that has been opened tonight in Haus der Kunst in Munich. The exhibition will be opened until September 16.

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