Way overdue…

Having Art Basel and dOCUMENTA(13) around the corner, I thought that those could be a good intro to my tragically overdue report from ART COLOGNE this spring. It was its 46th edition, which took place in April 18-21.

According to last reports, ART COLOGNE was a huge commercial success and raves were terrific. Historically it was the first art fair ever, established in 1967 and held annually since then. It had its ups and downs, last one being approx. 5 years ago, when was almost proclaimed as ‘dead’. However, many see that new director Daniel Hug brought it back to life and I am sure that he did a fantastic job this time as well: ART COLOGNE had some highly acclaimed names within the artists and galleries this year as well, such as David Zwirner from New York, Thaddaeus Ropac from Paris/Salzburg, Hauser&Wirth from Zurich, just to name few. It also hosted NADA, a non-profit collective, which is regarded “as a much-needed alternative assembly of the world’s youngest and strongest art galleries dealing with emerging contemporary art” (Miami Art Guide).

Almost now an inseparable part of Art Basel Miami Beach, this was also my favorite area in the fair. Yes, I loved the whole fair and I have spent there almost a day not noticing it but – what I was missing was variety. I might be ignorant, but I wished to see more  presence of other Europe wide galleries, not to mention Asia and Middle East. Therefore, my hopes go to Basel!

However, from what I have seen there, I was absolutely mesmerized and here are some personal highlights:

Yves Klein, “Eponge bleue”, 1960

Lina Kim, Michael Wesely, “Congresso Nacional”, 2004

Hans-Peter Feldmann, “Schattenspiel (Shadow Play)”

Ken Lum, “Grace Chung”, 2001

Gilbert & George, “Thirteen Locations”, 2003

Don Dudley, “Red Corner”, 1979

Hellmut Bruch, “Konzentrische Doppelprogression”, “6 Vertikale – 3 Tiefen”, 2010

Arne Quinze, “ChaosLife 060212”, 2012

Mounir Fatmi, “Technologia No. 2”, 2011

… and many more…

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