Little moments that make you happy – Papernomad

After an exciting and tiring several weeks and days, I was coming home from work feeling blah, only to discover that my long-awaited package has finally arrived. Oh boy, you should see instant smile on my face and even more excitement as I was opening it: my very own Papernomad sleeves for laptop and phone! What makes it even more special is that I am officially the first one to have one for laptop 11′; my waiting apparently paid off.

Scribble on sleeve for your notebook; Source: Facebook/papernomad


How it all started: I read about them in a magazine and found the idea very cool. Winner of Red Dot design award, sleeves are made of 100% natural material. Outer cover is made of specially patented paper, which is water-resistant and impossible to tear. I have tested it myself: it envelops those devices tightly and feels very soft in your hands. However, what makes it even more special is that you can actually design it on your own as you wish. Go ahead – just scribble something and it will be also 100% unique! As they said on the website: You will never find two paper nomads that look alike…

The one for phone can look like this; Source: Facebook/papernomad

Back to my story: it was in autumn or winter last year when I checked out their website, but they didn’t have a model for my notebook. I have written to Papernomad and guys came back in touch with me, telling me that they are working on it. Somehow I never got some sleeves in the meantime from other manufacturers and designs (and, yes, both devices got scratched, with display of iPhone now also broken 😦 )… I don’t remember how, but Papernomad got in touch with me recently again, telling me the model that I need is (finally) ready and saying that I can be the first one to it!

I mean, small and simple gestures is what matters. I like the idea that I would be getting those anyway, but now this all made it much more special (and the fact that the owner did not forget me). It is not only about the thing (yes, it is great!), but also in appreciating you. This is also a pure sign of a company that is genuinely interested in its customers.

Source: Facebook/papernomad

(One part of me would like to promote them now, but on the other side I would like to be unique with my discoveries… but then, hey, You will never find two paper nomads that look alike…)


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4 responses to “Little moments that make you happy – Papernomad

  1. So creative and arty! Love them. Thanks for sharing! ^^

  2. adnica211

    uuUuuUUuu, me likey!

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