Picasso on Neretva

While I am still on topic: as I was last week home in Bosnia, I spent several evenings just chatting with my parents and keeping it low. One evening we came to the topic (now don’t ask me how) of then famous movie “The Battle of Neretva” from 1969.  Although a subtle part of communist propaganda, especially portraying partizans in heroic endeavors and leader’s mastermind behind the strategy, the movie itself was internationally  very well accepted and even nominated for best foreign movie at Oscars. Some international stars at that time played in the movie, such as  Orson Welles, Franco Nero and Yul Brynner, and budget was obviously available. Back home, whole nation loved it, watched it numerous times and is still part of national heritage.

While my parents remembered their own perceptions of the movie, my dad mentioned that –listen this – then very well-known, established and already internationally proclaimed artist Pablo Picasso was asked to make a poster for the movie. He apparently accepted, but then when he was asked how much it would cost, he answered that a cast of best local wines would do. … and this is how he made a special poster, which was printed in only 80 editions.

Hearing this story for the first time, my suspicious face had expression ‘are you for real’  but apparently my dad was – and after checking it out online, here is this beauty. I love it – hope you too!

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  1. Anonymous

    Svidja mi se.Nekada sam obozavala Pikasa, a sada kao moja profa Brankica obozavam Mikelandjela.

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