On being sad

Last week I was in Sarajevo and my time there was spent in remembrance on aggression on my country. April 6th was 20-year anniversary of the longest siege and many world media have reported on this.

I am not about to write about historical facts on this; they can be found elsewhere. I can just say that it made me feel extremely sad, deceived, disappointed and played out. This is how I felt then, being 10 years old and this is how I feel even more now, as a grown up. Nevertheless, it also gives you a strange feeling of being proud, more about those who have been killed for Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also of us. We are still here.

the white ribbon says that these are for employees for Bosnian Railways

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  1. Bosnian Genocide

    We must never forget the Bosnian Genocide in World War II and the Bosnian Genocide in 1990s.

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