After several unsuccessful trials, this week I finally managed to check in at Museum Ludwig in Cologne. Although it seems to be not as big on the outside and the 80’s architecture might also scare you, the museum was rather refreshing and exhibitions intriguing. It might not be huge, but it has some fine collections. Therefore, here are photos of some pieces that I particularly liked, which is not exhaustive. Thus, it is very probable that I would be impressed with some totally other art next time I am there…

“Before the Law” is current exhibition going there until 22.04. and “Nature does the Easiest Thing” of Karla Black is (1972 – ) is an amazing space installation.


I am starting with some classics and here impressionism. The piece impresses with its size as it spreads all wall long. The title also makes you think…

Henri Matisse (1869 - 1954), Woman and Monkeys, 1952

Then my eye caught the woodcut below, but the title surprised me. On the second sight, I can see why it is so, but I went with lovers first.

Otto Müller (1874-1930), Murder (Dancing Scene II / Lovers III), 1919

I was just about to say that I am not really fan of Max Beckmann, when I saw this for him quite unusual combination of motive and colors.

Max Beckmann (1984 - 1950): View from the Window of the Eiffel Tower, 1930

Then I looked on the left and I have seen through the real window another piece of art.

Cathedral in Cologne

Not things got interesting. Check this out:

Robert Rauchenberg (1925 - 2008): Soundings, 1968

I don’t know if that is clear from these photos, but what happens here: a couple was walking along the wall and clapping their hands. The ‘wall’ reacts on it by lightning up. Cool, huh?

By the way, Brillo Boxes in front are Andy Warhol (1928 – 1987) from 1964.

What I also found nice and beautiful are the following:

John Wesley (1928-1964): Holstein, 1964

… or this one: combination of photo, bathing cap, fabric, or bw with color.

Richard Hamilton (1922 - 2011): Bathers I, 1967

Now some classics: in case you are tired of ‘regular’ Warhol, you might want to see this (my personal favorite ‘game’ when I was little girl).

Andy Warhol (1938 - 1987): Do It Yourself (Landscape), 1962

Or another one: you cannot talk about Museum Ludwig without mentioning this series.

Roy Lichtenstein (1923 - 1997): M-Maybe (A Girl's Picture), 1965

Last but not the least, Mr. Gerhard Richter and myself, trying to capturing two of his pieces.

(continued in next post)

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