Good vibes are good vibes

The other day a colleague of mine asked me what events of classical music I can recommend these days. As I haven’t had time in last months long time to see some good opera concert play event, I first blushed before giving a decent excuse (and later indeed did my homework to check up on current events, only to discover that I am not so much behind after all, as in this time of year you have the chance to see some standard stuff again and/or some pieces that I have seen are scheduled again in a row).

However, just an hour ago, I have discovered through a cool friend of mine a cool artist friend of her. Her name is Valida and she is an Los Angeles based music radio host / DJ / … and now dubbed by as “one of the most important figures in L.A.’s nightlife scene”. She is jetting around the world and playing anything from disco, house, indie, hip-hop, b-more/electro, and some classic 80s, soul, and pop tracks in her own style and mix. As I don’t want to write some non-sense here, more accurate infos about what all Valida does and has done you may find here.

I am no an expert but in my opinion and music taste, this stuff is good, right? *

Street Life by Valida

Or here Valida’s interpretation of a traditional folk song (my personal favorite):

Kad Behari Procvatu by Valida

And yes – this beauty with pretty name is (also) a native Bosnian. Good vibes are good vibes!

* Or I just haven’t been out for a long time either.

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