Swimming – now all year long

After a wonderful afternoon with friends, I was taking a stroll in up-and-coming Munich area, Schwanthalerhöhe. It is one of the typical December Sunday afternoon, cold and grey, and on the way home, I noticed that a gallery is having a little party inside. (It turned out that it is not a gallery but a boutique for hip men clothes, like Suit and similar, which is only today displaying another stuff.) I went inside and got intrigued with, among others, great photography works of Robert Götzfried. He is a young photographer in Munich, who has been exhibiting in the area and selling his works in Lumas, among others. He is normally taking pictures in the places, where the everyday life has happened already, and the places exuberant with some new ‘beauty, symmetry and architectonic precision’. In his works, Robert wants to show another side of those places – that is, not only in their functional form. Just look at this photo of him, showing metro stations and rails:

Source: seenby.de/robert-goetzfried/go-west


Source: seenby.de/robert-goetzfried/


Source: seenby.de/robert-goetzfried

This time the topic was ‘Pools’, which really worked on me. The coolness calms me down indeed – a feeling much needed in last weeks, and blue water makes me feel focused but also thinking and nostalgic. I personally associate with water a feeling of endlessness and emptiness but also belonging to something bigger and vast. I love swimming, so some of those swimming pool I’ve visited many times before and there is also this personal connection.

Source: seenby.de/robert-goetzfried


Source: seenby.de/robert-goetzfried/


Source: seenby.de/robert-goetzfried/


Source: seenby.de/robert-goetzfried/

Needless to say, I left the  place carrying a huge calendar with high-quality prints. I can now enjoy those pools all year long – most of the times not leaving my home.


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5 responses to “Swimming – now all year long

  1. Very nice collection. Love the dark underground train tunnel photo.

    • i like also the colors and contrast (or lack of it sometimes) … like, those photos with pools: in some of them you can see the lights mirroring in the water. I have asked (bluntly) the photographer if that was photoshoped and, of course, it wasn’t. but there you can see totally other images through the actual photography. me likey

  2. Hello again,
    thanks for visiting my exhibition yesterday and for featuring my work on your blog.

    More of my work you can find here:

    Take care

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