Modern art, then church, then broken window…

I must admit that I have not been much inspired lately. As the matter of fact, when I look back, I was in a quite a number of interesting places – physically, but with my mind not really. (I got totally preoccupied with studying a new thing.) Therefore, here is a quick review of what I have lately seen and my recommendations:

Museum für Moderne Kunst, MMK, Frankfurt: I have visited the museum after a long and tiring week being away from home. Currently it shows the anniversary exhibition of 20 years of its existence and has on display all their pieces. One of the most famous halls is the one showing Katharina Frisch and On Kawara, but also pieces of Roy Lichtenstein, Gerhard Richter and Andy Warhol.

Katharina Fritsch, On Kawara (walls)

Unfortunately, the exhibition is almost over, but I am hoping to catch on my next trip to Frankfurt another visit. The additional extra space for this exhibition, MainTor, is on six floors and showing mainly larger pieces, such as those of Ai Wei Wei and others.

Ai Weiwei / Serge Spitzer, Ghost Gu Coming Down the Mountain


Artionale: This event lasts until end of October and involves modern art and music in several evangelic churches in Munich. St. Markus Church in Munich absolutely stunned me. It shows a light installation ‘Sirene’, Frank Balve and Nico Kiese, where you see neon lights on the both sides of the hall and lights change the color in a regular rhythm: red, blue, green… from the ceiling there are transparent foils with black&white prints of the artists (I guess) that reminds me on Gilbert & Georg, while on the central part of the ceiling there are projections of fast moving pictures.

St. Markus, "Sirene", source:

I understand that younger audience would love it (it looks as a night club in fact), but I am wondering how elderly visitors react on that. I have even heard that they did not like new altar designed by Benjamin Bergmann (here in the background, in new color perspective though).

St. Markus Church, "Sirene", altar from Benjamin Bergmann, source:

schwarz & weiß, Haus der Kunst: I’ve just loved the Ellsworth Kelly exhibition. This painter and sculptor, who is normally associated with colors and minimalistic abstract paintings, is now showing his other side. Again focusing on internal experiences at beholder, the exhibition is purely monochromatic and allegedly this was painter’s great wish.

My highlight was Seine: it was immediately clear to me how I saw Seine in the picture. Shimmering metallic light, being reflexed in an autumn night water…

Ellsworth Kelly, "Seine", source:

black&white, white&black, and then sometimes grey (and on one place even green, for which Okwui Enwezor, new director of HdK, said that ‘artist wanted to shock with something’, which I doubt that is a reason), the exhibition breathes with a lightness and freedom. Aside of painting, we also get to see several sculptures, sculptural paintings and reliefs. It all gets ‘explained’ when you come to the space with photographs of nature. This is where inspiration comes from and you see exact curved lines around you outdoors, which you have seen on walls in the exhibition.

Ellsworth Kelly, "Broken Window, Paris", source:

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