Catalog from BoConcept that inspired me for today

I got the other day a catalog from BoConcept delivered to my home, with accompanying letter that there is going to be some kind of showroom today in their stores. Well, I am not into buying any furniture just now, but it doesn’t cost anything to: a) flip through the catalog, b) even stop by and see it in the store.

I don’t want to spam you now with photos, as you can see it yourself and/or check out their inspirations, but just to share some favourite ones with you.

Carpet Hopscotch: yes, it is a bit pathetic how they play with our memories, but it still did work in my case. I must admit – I kind of like it.

Then this lamp, Woody. I like the combination of black colour and raw wood, seems smart, warm, simple yet elegant. I’ve been today in the store and it looks even nicer and classier in real. There is also a able version, which can also be very functional and pretty at the same time. Other lamps there are beautiful as well.

This sofa table is there for already some time, combination of walnut wood and ash grey glass, and functioning as storage space. There is a great danger that you can easily turn your living room in an eating space as well – that is exactly why I am SO NOT buying this one (like, ever!).

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