Nordic Art – Part 2: Röhsska Museet + Swedish Brands

The idea was that I describe in Part 2 my visit to Röhsska Museet (Design Museum) in Gothenburg, but I think that I am going to skip it. Aside of exhibitions on Japan, China and Iran, I found the development of product and furniture design very inspiring. Just to see Le Corbusier’s functional kitchen, dating 1947-52, which represents ‘mother of all modern kitchens’, made me to think that we did not maybe progress as much in last >50 years.


What I definitely have to see next time when I am in Gothenburg is Röda Sten, the center for art, theater, music and dance.

Now another (art?) topic: shopping. Having my favourite Swedish brands, such as Acne and Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair already in my closet, this time I have discovered another one – Cheap Monday, which was really cheap (up to 75% sale). This time we hit the corner with jeans: from colour blocking to stone wash, all 80’s were there.

However, still to end this post on an arty note, enjoy some sights of a true Nordic art:

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