Nordic Art – Part 1 (Gothenburg Museum of Art)

Last week I spent few days on Swedish west coast and three days were reserved for Gothenburg. After eating räkor + fisk + godis* (not necessarily in that order), I had to do some cultural upheaval the decision went to Konstmuseum and Röhsska museet.  Normally I would try to avoid more than one museum/gallery for the day, but as it was a beautiful summer weather outside – I had no option but to spend it indoors. (those who know me would understand what I mean)

Before I continue, one notice: of course that I forgot my camera to bring along (ß#!!*%) and later I hoped that I would find the pieces that I liked online … which I haven’t – so I’ll try to do my best in descriptions.

Göteborgs Konstmuseum (Gothenburg Museum of Art): contains collections from the 15th century to today’s modern art. Although the collections by Dutch and French artists can be found here, such as Picasso, Monet, van Gogh and Rembrandt, the focus lies still on Nordic artists, which I personally preferred to see. I liked Ragnar Sandberg’s ‘Kortspelare’ (‘Card Players’), which is similar to this one:


… and Åke Göransson’s ‘Modern Somn’ (‘Mother’s Sleep’). In both paintings I love the unsharp brush strokes, so that you cannot see the images and characters clearly (or even have a feeling that you see through them). They feel in some way warm but also floating and unreal, and this illusionary and somewhat dreamy atmosphere is what makes them special to me.


Both artists were previously unknown to me and there were many other Nordic artists that had equally interesting paintings displayed here. Off course, being local patriotic, I was particularly exited when I have seen a painting of Sven X:et Erixson, ‘Kopparslagaregatan i Sarajevo’ (‘Goldsmithstreet in Sarajevo’) made in 30’s. The painting was made in expressionism, which is not my favourite movement, but I couldn’t help but wonder what on Earth a Swedish painter did in that time in Sarajevo.

I also found Edvard Munch’s ‘Den sjuka flickan’ (‘Sick girl’) to be particularly emotional portrayal of sickness, love, attachment, caring and youth. Don’t you also think so?


When it comes to European artists, I enjoyed at most the collection of Degas‘ sculptures.

In the modern art section, I found artifact of Sivert Lindblom amazing and I am pretty sure that I have seen his other pieces before, as it is hard to forget this model of rotating head. (and, no, I didn’t bring my camera with me ß#!!*%) They had a special contemporary exhibition on female artists and here my attention caught Mari Rantanen with her range “The Unbearable Likeness of Being”, a series of paintings depicting India, both light and ‘like’. I think that the artists really passed the impression of modern India, being traditional, colourful and very versatile.


Linda Hofvander’s exhibition ‘Ways to Describe’ is also surreal, floating and mixing reality and the ways to keep it on an image.


In Göteborgs Konsthall there has been a special exhibition of Idris Khan, ‘Contrary Motion’. Idris Khan is a young upcoming english artists who works between video and photo art and works on superimposing different images to achieve the effect of blurriness but also of motion and life. Here is a video related to it:

* räkor + fisk + godis = shrimps + fish + sweets

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