Perfect present for book lovers…

… but now in a slightly different format. I have discovered it in an article in ‘train magazine’ from Deutsche Bahn and thought instantly to get it as a birthday present.

“All The World’s A Page” is a Berlin-based company, which prints world-famous books on a single poster. Now think of both parts of Goethe’s ‘Faust’ on a single 70 x 100 cm piece of paper (font size is approx. 2.55 pt). The posters are normally typed in black, with some numbers or details in another colour.

Here is how it looks like with an example of Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’:

… or Marx’s ‘Das Kapital’, which I have got for a person that just started a job in finance consulting (and during the financial crisis it seemed that we are in fact going back to postulates of Marx):

Other works are: ‘Der Abentheurliche Simplicissimus’ of H.J.C. von Grimmelshausen, Georg Büchner’s ‘Sämtliche Werke’, Herman Melville’ ‘Moby Dick’, ‘The King James Bible’ and Homer’s ‘Iliad’. As you can see, some works are printed in English and some in German, but the actual reading and language here are less in focus, I guess 🙂 These written capital works get a whole new dimension here, as it is not their content and theories what count, but optics. For example, I find ‘Origin of the Species’ quite interesting; it is very homogeneous with continuously spaced text but then the schematic diagram beautifully stands out. (The theory itself we may not want to discuss though…)

And what to do with it? I have just framed mine, put on the wall and it is an instant eye-catcher. Simple black frame or frameless covering would do, but hey – someone is maybe here more creative than me.

(This is not a commercial for the company: I just found the idea very innovative and I hope that I could inspire you to DIY perhaps!)

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5 responses to “Perfect present for book lovers…

  1. Love the idea! I’m not sure I could deside which book I want 🙂

  2. adnica211

    beco, super je sto si blog preimenovala u “ninichissim(art)” i time definisala svoj fokus. mislim da na ovu temu imas itekako sta da kazes i da su ti ideje i vise nego dobre i bas originalne 🙂

    super clanak, keep it up!

  3. Anonymous

    odlican clanak 🙂 !!!!!!

  4. Hihi, moram samo da pribiljezim da sam happy sto sma dobila svoj primjerak :*

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