Flea market aftermath

I have mentioned before that it has been a season of ‘Hofflohmärkte’ in Munich, or translated: flea markets, which happen in own courtyard, like this one below, and organized by yourself and your own neighbors.

You should always look for those ones, where your chances to find your own taste are higher. My favourite ones are:

Schwabing, where (half) celebrities and wannabes live: it a rather large part of the city, so if you have time, you might find something for you
Glockenbachviertel: artists, gay and other trendy people

I am not so big on flea markets, simply because I lose concentration after 3 court yards. Ok, you get there flea market prices, but these are still a bit higher than what you would get in weakly flea markets. On the other side, it is very often that you see here some designer stuff. So far, my catch was scarf, gloves and a diary book. Everything is new and apparently this young lady works as a designer at Marco Polo and these were her ‘unsuccessful’ designs (but successful enough for me :)). Two years ago I got there a brand new fatboy and an asian wok and both are very much in use ever since.

Last week I have been with some friends in Lehel, where I got a jeans skirt for close to nothing. The flea market itself was as good as ones above, mainly because here lives ‘old money’ of Munich and neighbors are less interested in entertaining their boots all day long. However, I have made some pics so that you can get a preview of the day:

And this was a Marc by Marc Jacobs, which was somehow not my style (as much as I wanted 🙂 ):


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2 responses to “Flea market aftermath

  1. Kristin Brænne

    Stay excellent! ★

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