Books are flying after Oktoberfest

I’ve got reminded that there is another item, which might be worth sharing here. This is a ‘book tower’ and how I got it: I have seen it in a magazine long time ago, taken out this page with picture and website, so that when we moved to this bigger apartment, I could order it online. Here is the picture and in my case the books are not so neatly organized…

A friend of mine was even more innovative and she made the mini-version herself, without seeing it (I think) somewhere else. Those are small shelves that, or mini-tower, which stand (or better – float) just next to the bed in the bedroom. Bravo to that!

There is a little anecdote related to our booktower. It was in the time of Oktoberfest in Munich and some friends came over to pick us up and go with us to a restaurant. After 7-8 hours in beer tents, they were obviously a bit tipsy. Now you can imagine their faces when they have seen pile of books flying in the air! Or even better, a tiny Chinese dictionary holding a huge book of accounting principles. The rest of us (sober ones) played the game of course and it was hilarious, when trying to convince one of them that it is just so! Strange things are going on at our place all the time…


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4 responses to “Books are flying after Oktoberfest

  1. Anonymous

    I must plan some trip, I haven’t seen your book tower, shame on me 🙂 Maybe for Octoberfest 😉

  2. awwww I just read this post and recognized myself!!!!!! Thank you, thank you!!! The mini version is still standing! 🙂

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