Project “Furniture Shopping”: Collecting Ideas

At least the process got started. So far, the ideas are:

– Go for a large wardrobe first. After seeing some of them, I think that good ol’ PAX from IKEA is still the best (and safe) option. I would still have to take the measures of our ‘changing’ room, but the bigger the better (so that I can stuff all objects that do not have a place in). The only question is what to take for the cover planes? Aaaaagh I have seen everything on the web site, but I need to know a) how it should look together with others in the apartment, b) how it really looks in reality

– Skip the dining table for the time being. It has to  be something special. But I do have chair that I like and I have to thank my friend for suggesting it to me (over a beautiful morning pre-new-year-2011 brunch): 

(Update: In the moment of writing this, I have just found a multifuncitonal table that I *might* like. I found it in Abovo in Munich, but this is apparenly made in Berlin, in a furniture design store Atelier Haussmann. In this blog, you can see other furniture pieces, but I liked these tisch ‘legs’ because you pick yourself what you want for the plate over. E.g. in blog there is an example with wood plate, which gives some ‘factory’ feeling to it, while you may also want to consider giving it a homey or even sleek touch as here:

Source: stilsucht. de,,

– Check out more stores for sofa but other ideas as well
(now I am being local: Bo Concept, Who’s perfect, Sit and Sleep, the one in Belgradstr.*, Böhmler in Nymphenburger Str., and cruise Schwabing, Neuhausen, Glockenbachviertel etc)
* I don’t remember a name of the place, but there is a cute furniture store there, with Missoni taboret among others, which often has sale. I bought few years ago a Designers Guild sofa there and here is a similar photo of it, with a matching no-name sofa table. (Mine is black-white-beige-silverish and, yes, I promise: I will take picture of it soon and update it here.)


– See more of flea markets in Munich neighborhoods
(Tips: I like only the ‘Hofflohmärkte‘, that is, flea markets in the selected city blocks. The great thing about it is that people who are selling it are the regular people, like you and me, and you can find some really cool stuff there, everything from clothes, to new perfumes, books, decorating items – you name it. I found a ‘fatboy’ two years ago, for small money and practically new, and I also remember seeing a wonderful 50’s-design chair. It is best to go to areas where people with better taste live (my favourite one is where most of gay population lives, as they are always the trendiest ones.) The one in the area where I lived I have just missed.)

I am so proud of myself for (finally!) noticing beautiful around me! (and kind of enjoying it)


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13 responses to “Project “Furniture Shopping”: Collecting Ideas

  1. senna202

    Ovave mi stolice trebaju 😉

    • je l’ me zezas ili ti se svidjaju? one bi isle uz onu prvobitnu varijantu stola, ali sada sa ovim novim momentima vise bi isle neke barske, tj. gdje se moze podesiti visina. haha kao sto vidis sva sam od ideja 🙂

  2. senna202

    Ne zezam…cak sam ovamo i gledala neke slicne…uz smedji oslikani sto, mislim da bi se dobro uklopile u moj prostor.

    • ove stolice mi je Nadina preporucila i sad ih vidjam posvuda u Minhenu 🙂 mislim u ovim design radnjama. ali uz ovaj stol sa ‘nogama’ ne bi se bas slozile (vise bi pasale uz onaj prvobitno planirani masivni stol od drveta) …

      –> btw hvala ti sto me podrzavas :-*

  3. senna202

    Inace, sve pohvale! :-*

  4. senna202

    Da, mogla bi staviti onu svoju policu za knjige…

  5. Hm..vidis kako sma ja nanjusila tu stolicu na vrijeme 🙂 Seno, da je samo jedno pet puta jeftinija 🙂 ili bar dva puta, onda bih uzela jednu za radni sto (koji btw nemam 🙂 )

  6. hej darling, ubacila sma tvoju policu u svoj zadnji post, ali nisam plagijator, pozvala sam se na tebe 🙂

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