Current exhibitions in Munich

These ones I loved:

1. Mondrian und De Stijl in Kunstbau

You get acquainted with the movement and see some of the best examples, not only paintings but also films, furniture, product design, posters as well as photographs. Here is a classic:


2. Future Beauty: 30 Years of Japanese Fashion in Haus der Kunst

Weather we talk about shades and black-and-white, origami influence, emancipation of woman in post-modern Japan or experimenting with material, the exhibition is a true eye opener and the trigger that would inspire you to own and copy some of it. A preview (Yohji Yamamoto):

3. Aschemünder, Goetz Collection, in Haus der Kunst

I cannot decide what is more special about this exhibition. Is it the place for the exhibition: small underground chamber-like rooms of a former air-raid shelter, where the films are being shown, or the exhibition itself? The main topic is war and it shows its manifestations through dictatorships, genocides, drug crimes etc from Latin America to Africa, South-East Asia to Europe. Needless to say, it got me thinking about my memories 1992-1995.

These ones I found ‘ok’:

1. Cy Twombly Photographs 1951 – 2010 in Museum Brandhorst

… or even less then ‘ok’. I love Cy Twomby, but in this collection I do not see any extraordinary works. First I thought, ‘cool! these blurry photos, which nowadays everyone is doing, have been done in 50’s!’ but then I would see 2009 in the corner. Or I am just being too much amateur.  

Therefore, I would rather point to his (in my opinion) masterpiece works:

… or to be a bit subjective and local patriot (this piece cannot be seen at Brandhorst Museum in Munich though):

2. Isaac Julien “Ten Thousand Waves” in Museum Brandhorst

In this video I liked the spacial composition of 9 different projections as well as their temporal composition. This timing is very interesting and it got me thinking how all these different perspectives bring you back to the Asian topic of the film. (and here I am ‘patriotic’ as well since I am not always objective when it comes to Asia)

The one I want to see:

1. Vermeer in Munich. King Max I Joseph of Bavaria as a Collector of Old Masters, in Alte Pinakotheke

This is a classic and I am being here mainstream, as Vermeer is known nowadays anyone who is following Hollywood productions. I am just curious to see if the exhibitions shows this one painting and all about it (as once I have visited and seen in Albertina in Wien) or we can see more of Vermeer.

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  1. adnica211

    Mondrian je vec nasao mjesto na mom frizideru 🙂

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