Project ‘Furniture Shopping’ and aftermath of today

Well, the project started (should I say it?) 4 years ago, but with some extra slooooow tempo. In the first run, I bought things that I needed and really liked, which all fit my then small apparment perfectly. Then we moved a year ago and the existing furniture only got more decent place in this bigger appartment. The natural step forward was to continue and buy some more pieces,  but then happened – nothing. a) I was so lazy to go around and look for it, b) I had no idea what I want, c) I simply did not have a slight interest to make this place a home (or to look more homey) – I was more into wasting free time in the city. This got even more embarassing by having my friends moved into new places after me and having all furniture already in place. (In fact, I even got used to giving a short ‘NO’ answer when someone would asked me if we are done with it.) Ok, I have always had idea that I am not stuffing my place with some ‘boxes’ only to ‘be done with it’ but rather to buy those when I find some piece that I reallyreally like, that is perfect and so me.

In last few weeks we have intensified these plans though. I was first accused that I am only into designer furniture, which I disputed. So in order to prove it, last time we checked out this mainstream furniture store. Well, what to say: the furniture is not cheap and you have some good design, but it all looks the same. I was looking for a dining table: a simple one, made of massive wood, and you have hundreds of this sort but all of them look somehow – boring&cheap (and cheap they are not!). So I left the store feeling frustrated, with a sour face expressions and having bought candles and strawberry jam! (At least, no one can accuse me that I am a conventional shopper!) 

This was also a moment when I trully started to question my abilities to make my place more homey, to decorate it in a modern and tastefull way and to understand design and have my preferences about it. In the end, I just thought – well, this task is definitely not for me! (which was kind of depressing, as I thought that I do have some clues about design… 😦 )

Feeling down I hit the downtown (play of words was not intentional here) in order to, what I know best, waste my time there. After doing some rounds there, I suddenly found myself in front of big/little furniture temple so I said, whatthehe**, and went in. And this is how I got my self-confidence back! I have seen instantly several things that I liked, not even having to look for them. Well, it does cost a little bit more, but in order to show your taste you need one or only few better quality pieces combined together with ordinary ones (or even second-hand). For an illustration, this table looks interesting:

Then I went to another store and yet another one. Do I know now what I want to buy? No. Do I know what I do not want to buy now? Yes! In these last months,  I forgot what I want and what I do not want. I hope that I do not sound like a snob and in my defense I may say that I do not own a car or a tv (and am in no rush to get any of those). I guess that this is just me: I like to have things around me that I love to look at and which I will not hate from the first moment they get into my house. I think that those do not have to be expensive but more selected carefully and bought with love. In that way it does not matter if they are inherited / bought / received as a present / or found in a flea market. Therefore, my strategy from now is: invest more (creative) time into search for some perfect pieces & do not pressure myself.

(Oh yeah – I do not mind some juicy sales at all! As the matter of fact, when I was not looking for furniture, there were closing sales and end-of-collection sales all around me. So where are they now when I need them? Therefore, guys, feel free to let me know if you see some around.)

Instead of ending, here is a living room that I have been in the other day and I loved it from the first moment. (I hope that friend of mine would not mind that I am sharing it here.) It is bold – yes, it is daring- yes, it is very 50’s and very Scandinavian – yes… and it is so her!



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6 responses to “Project ‘Furniture Shopping’ and aftermath of today

  1. Kristin Brænne


  2. adnica211

    i say “whatthehell” 😀
    btw, mami i ja smo zakljucile da su teme ovog tipa definitivno za tebe. pokusaj ih obradjivati cesce 😉

  3. Janavar_what_the???

    Just be sure to get an original apothecary table 😉

  4. Sve mi to zvuči jako poznato…
    Ova dnevna djeluje tako opuštajuće….

    • da znas i da jeste, jer je s druge strane ‘winter garden’ sa koznom lezaljkom i nekim sobnim cvijecem, a sve u staklu… btw na kraju sam kupila si neki namjestaj o kojem sam ovdje pisala, ali nisam jos u blog prijavila… (mada nije poenta u tome, nego vise u samoj ‘research’)

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