Arte: every Tuesday, at 22.05


Since last week my Tuesdays are blocked and I am doing something that I haven’t been doing since my school days: watching a sitcom! It’s pitty that I have missed FIRST 3 EPISODES (oh no!) but nevertheless, no one was happier than me when I have discovered legendary Twin Peaks on arte. Yes, yes, Twin Peaks is not an ‘’ but more of a masterpiece and an ‘un-sitcom’. It breaths David Lynch in each its scene and all those most scyril conversations and I love it for its unexpected moments and turns as well as amazing character palette.

For all of you who cannot really remember it, here is ‘classic, mysterious, eerie, and emotionally provocative introduction’, as someone described it here. (totally agree!) I love the music, also a classic tune.


How it all started with me? I got hooked up when I was 9ish, I think. It all started with its first episode, which I have accidentally seen, and I guess that pretty Laura (or ‘Lora’, how we have pronounced it in Bosnian) attracted me. She was found dead and then the rest of the episodes are about discovering the reasons and murderer… more about the plot you may find here. I was watching and following it together with my sister and friends, so that every time when I think about Twin Peaks, I remember Dajana and Maja‘s room (as Adna has just reminded me). We didn’t really understand it, of course, because what once started as a high school story turned into ghosts, one-eyed women andsoonandsoon. But later I have realized that no one really did get it! (not even D. Lynch himself)

It shows always 3 episodes together and with third one I am often zzzzzzz… but I am catching up. First time I saw the intro, I got really emotional… but then it was so interesting to recognize actors, such as Lara Flyn Boyle or Kyle MacLachlan, looking so young. I do still remember some scenes, but many characters and details I’ve forgotten, so as they show up the memories come. Familiar, huh? Last night there was this scene and I think that it is just hilarious. After that, a ghost comes: it was scary then, it was scary last night. So for all of you to get you a taste of it, enjoy!


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2 responses to “Arte: every Tuesday, at 22.05

  1. adnica211

    joj, ova me spica tako podsjetila na te dane kad smo gledale ovo..
    zamalo sam zaplakala.. :O

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