“What I Miss By Living Abroad” or “Nigdje Bosne”

Although back from Bosnia for almost two weeks, I am still missing it. Therefore, without too much blah-blah, I am giving a ‘best of’ of these 4.5 days spent there. Feel free to pick your favourite one 🙂

(Only to warn you: I am not objective here… similar things you can find around the world, but I still miss the following: )

– Home-made cookies (‘lokumi’)

– Bosnian Hills and Natural Beauty

– Picnic Culture

– BBQ: Our Way 
… before

… after

+ Coffee!

… and Family

 (pictures courtesy of Adna & Senada)


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5 responses to ““What I Miss By Living Abroad” or “Nigdje Bosne”

  1. Nadi

    Darling, pa nisi ni javila da si počela blogati :). Welcome to the club!

  2. Lila Grebo

    I like a looooot!!!! Anida, bas sam bila surprised da si pocela pisati blog – sama o tome vec razmisljam sto godina, al nikako da pocnem!!! Mozda ..citajuci tebe, se uskoro usudim 🙂 U glavnom, imas jednog citatelja vise! Pusa

  3. Forgot to say VERY IMPORTANT:
    pictures courtesy of Adna & Senada

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