Royal wedding – how I have seen it!

Everything has been already said and I am sure that many could hardly wait that this histeria is over. This might sound too corny, but it is good to see happy and beautiful people on tv for a change and not only earthquakes, floods, tornados, wars… So here is my list of impressions from yesterday!

Atmosphere: all in all good, classy, royal, traditional … and somehow sad to see all this happening as if Diana never existed. I expected some ‘notion’ of her yesterday.

Sisters Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice:
I admire them for being brave after all! 🙂 Beatrice’s hat might be funny and in the moment I thought that I see Lady Gaga (‘horns’ + makeup), but the rest is just fine: I love the coat, shoes, colour and all figure. But Eugenie- first I thought: what on earth was she thinking? But now I think more: what on earth was Vivienne Westwood thinking? This ‘posh’ yet very messy version of an English dirndl is just not right.


Victoria Beckham:
What can I say? I have expected more from her. Nothing is wrong and I would say that the best part is hair and hat. The dress looks to me a bit heavy, shoes are in my opinion too trendy for this occasion and even passé, too tanned + a party makeup and her signature ‘un-smile’ could not be less fitting for a merry wedding celebration. All this just screams, in a very subtle way though, that she does not belong to this noble society and that is is insecure. However, VB remains a true queen of showbiz.



Prince Harry: Super cute and reminds so much of Diana!

Rest of the royal family: I would maybe only comment Camilla Parker -Bowles and the Queen, who both looked very stylish for their age and status. The Queen looked to me very soft and unlike as portrayed in recent movies, especially when noticed that several times some would turn her back or kids carelessly playing around. I thought that some of those would not be allowed.

Middleton Family: Mother is a knockout, liked her whole outfit… Whole family looks stylish, maybe too tanned, but I like them.

Last but not the least –

I don’t think I need to comment it more. Yes, I think that dress and all is fine. It is not ‘out-of-this-world’ amazing, but still very appropriate also to a economic situation in the country and general mood of public (especially critics to the royal family). The dress fit her perfectly and hair and makeup, also very traditional and conservative,  are in line with everything else. What I really liked about her is her attitude, spontaneous way to react to the situation and direct communication with masses… I am becoming her huge fan slowly her…

Groom: … and his fan – nooot! He seems to me not so sympatisch and with time more like his father, somehow less charismatic.

Anyway, I hope that they would live happily ever after :-p


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3 responses to “Royal wedding – how I have seen it!

  1. adnica211

    Profesorice, Diana was present at the wedding.. the song written by Elton John upon her death “Candle in the Wing” was sung during the ceremony..

    • ou – alles klar! to mi se ocigledno potkralo… ah, onda bas lijepo! povlacim sta sam rekla. nego, profesorice, ja mislim da ono bi ‘wind’? (btw Elton John – cisti Halid Beslic na engleski nacin)


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