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(30.04.2011, 23:13  I am not copying the comments now here … but hey – this has been written pretty some time ago when I think back, and I am less of an inspired cook now I must admit)


My very first 🙂

Sonntag, 26. April 2009 um 02:35

Normally not a fan of blogs and other kinds of publicly expressing one’s own thoughts, this time I am giving up, under special circumstances of insomnia, and giving it a try. ok… writing a diary is still an indispensable way of freeing up my negative energy, but this time my energy is already freed up through some quite pleasant activities. As next thoughts are not so secret (and negative – again, diary has to bear with them), I am quite happy to publish them, under a title:

“Small Step for a Mankind, a Giant Leap for Anida”

Last week could be summarized into following: work work jogging work…

ok… there is more: enjoying greens and being outdoors, having coffees&chitchat with nice people, seeing a great William Egglestone and Martin Margiela in Haus der Kunst

I guess that I can thank ‘having coffees with nice people’ even now, since late espresso is what keeps me so late (early?) to sit in the kitchen and devote my self to writing

What also made my day today is one another endeavor of mine: His Majesty Dinner 🙂 all by myself 🙂
This time on the menu was: minestrone with fresh veggies and basilicum pasta with pecorino-cashew creme. Honestly, me and cooking are getting better and better (who would say so?), provided that there is will inside of me. Again, as I am very proud of that, here is a little summary of my (successful) projects, and I would be happy to inspire maybe someone in their own tries.

– Miso soup (very rich one, with shiitake, tofu, veggies) … is becoming an institution and all-time-fave in this house
– Grah 🙂 … another institution… do I need to describe it more. For those who know, this is enough
– Soup with gorgonzola cheese, walnuts and cellerie
– Lasagne (meet + mashrooms)
– Risotto with fennel and prunes
– Green beans soup with black sesam
– Punjene paprike … original
– Fish with safran and pine nuts
– Pasta with lax
– Swedish rye bread
– Potatoe salad with mashrooms and cottage cheese
– Goat cheese salad + tomatoes stuffed with polenta and cheese, grilled
– Puff pastry with spinach (almost zeljanica)
– Lax sandwiches in 1000 ways + sandwiches with avokado&cheese (Bergkäse)

(This was cooked in about last year… not really last week… I cannot remember all, but those that impressed us at most)

What is my motivation is, off course, all the fuss about ‘slow food’ movement and recognizing that I have been feeding myself with junk for about last 10 years… so why not to take a step forward, adopt a bit of eco-attitude and turn into Jamie Oliver/Sarah Wiener/Gwyneth Paltrow/MY MUMMY! Better ever than never…

If I continue like this, I may expect my “Welt am Sonntag” to appear on my doorsteps soon…

Till my next inspiration & insomnia moments

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